Monday, November 16, 2009

A very busy weekend!

This was my first year to participate in "Homes For Christmas" and it was a HUGE success!
With over 200 tickets sold, we met a lot of wonderful people and heard a lot of wonderful feedback!

Starting Friday evening at 6 PM and ending Sunday at 5 PM, it was 3 days full of greeting customers and visitors.

We "took over" a home and decorated it for the holiday season! This year they changed it so that you could purchase items right at the homes. I was extremely happy with sales, and will definitely be taking part in it again next year.

A friend and I went touring the other homes on Saturday evening and had alot of fun! The homes were gorgeous, and we got a lot of neat ideas that we can do ourselves. Stay tuned....I'll be sharing some ideas this week!

Have a peek at the home that we "took over" for the weekend:


  1. Those are some awesome christmas decorations D: In my house we don't do it a week before christmas luckyly, if not, a couple of days xD

  2. My tree is up and my house is decorated both inside and out...I am actually behind this year, when it comes to having my decorating done, lol.