Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A glowing path way!

While touring a home this past weekend for "Homes For Christmas" we came across a beautiful pathway glowing brightly with flickering lights!

What a neat (& cheap!) idea!

Simply take a canning jar (ask your neighbor, visit a thrift shop, etc. for old canning jars), add some sand or fine rock/gravel, insert a tea light and voila, you've got a beautiful glowing light! This was beautiful made into a pathway!

I am definitely doing this, once I get a stock of canning jars!


  1. that is absolutely beautiful! I'm sure it'd be pretty once there was snow on the ground too, to make a trail in the snow with the jars. I think I should visit the thrift store as well. ;)

  2. lol, the path way was gorgeous lit up at night! I'm trying to vision where I would put the jars, as we have a path of light up candy canes along our sidewalk right now.

  3. I'm even thinking if you do something in winter, like a weiner roast or fire, it'd be nice to mark a path or something. It'd be nice to have these on hand for something like that. You could probably even do that around the hot tub! ;)