Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tutu's & Fairy Tales!

Ahhh...to be a little girl again!

One of my favorite things to do when I was a little girl was to play dress-up. I really thought I was a princess when my Mom and I would visit the local thrift shop and she would buy me a pair of high heels!
When a good friend of mine started making tutu's a few weeks ago...I was dreaming of being a little girl once again! They are SO cute!!! If I thought one of my boys' would wear one, I'd buy them the purple one! lol

Do you have a little girl that dreams of tutu's and fairytales? Contact Jennifer today and order a special tutu for your little princess!


  1. Do I ever have little girls (5 granddaughters) all young enough to love tutus (maybe 2 are a little young yet!) Will keep you in mind.

  2. wow...you're lucky! I live in a house of males! lol Maybe someday (give or take 20 years), I'll have a granddaughter! :)

  3. Those tutus are so pretty! I love the fun colors. This is my first time visiting your blog, I like the design you have going, especially the pinks and browns. Best wishes blogging and selling on Etsy!


  4. I loved playing dress up too, and my mom would take me to the thrift store to get dress up clothes too!

    Tutu's are so much fun, I made one for myself recently for a Roller Derby Bout (it was not practical to play roller derby in) and then I made one for my daughter too (she is 14 mo.)

  5. Roller derby in a tutu? lol Now that would be something to see! I wish we had roller derbies around here. We just have poker derbys/smash up derbys/monster truck derby's, lol.

    Thanks for your kind words Chelsea! Off to visit your blog now! :)

  6. I, too, lived in a house of males (except for a female dog!) and was completely overwhelmed when we ended up with 5 granddaughters! I was thrilled with 3 daughters-in-law!