Thursday, February 25, 2010

A beautiful way to remember someone that you love, but have lost.

I am always searching for new quotes/poems and lyrics and especially like to find some that I can turn into a beautiful piece that will be treasured for years to come!

I have been through 2 devestating losses in the past 11 years.  I lost my Dad suddenly just 3 months after I was married in 1998, he passed away from a massive heart attack while up in Northern MB moose hunting with his friends.  He was were he loved to be, doing what he loved to do. 

If that wasn't hard enough, I then lost my brother 5 years ago to suicide.  So many things left many questions, left unanswered. 

I miss them both dearly!  I love creating frames/plaques/wall art that we can treasure in memory of our loved ones.  I can easily create something custom in memory as well. 

My latest canvas frame is one of my favorite with a touching poem handpainted on it:
I won't shed tears because you are gone.
I will smile because you lived.
I will not remember only that you've gone.
I will cherish your memory and let it live on.
I won't cry and close my mind, ... See More
be empty and turn my back.
But I will do what you would want:
smile, open my eyes, love and go on.

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